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All rates on equipment are based on a 10 hour day, 30 hour weekend (fri-mon), 50 hour week (mon-sun) or 200 hour/28 day month. Double shifts will be charged at 1.5 times standard rate, triple shifts at 2 times standard rate. Rates subject to change without notice. Additional charges for fuel, trucking, and cleanup. Usage will be recorded monthly by visual inspection of hour meter and for servicing of equipment. We will furnish the customer with a machine that has been properly maintained and suited for the application outlined. Rental machines will be in good operating condition.

Customer Responsibility

The customer will ensure that normal daily maintenance is performed, to include but not limited to: fuel, grease, checking fluid levels, checking tire pressure, etc. Customer liable for any maintenance or repairs required beyond normal wear and any damage to equipment. Customer is responsible for any tire damage. The customer will return the machine clean and full of fuel. Liability, loss, theft, vandalism and fire covered by the customer.

Material/equipment delivery

Delivery of equipment, rock or materials from lumberyards or quarries is available upon request.

Mini Excavator Bobcat E20 w/thumb

12′ trench bucket and 36″ grade bucket

Nearly 4,700lbs of digging force and zero tail swing. Hydraulically retract the undercarriage to only 39” to travel through gates or between homes, then expand to 54” for more stability.

  • $220/Day
  • $400/Weekend
  • $850/Week
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Bobcat MT100 mini track loader w/bucket

The MT100 has a 1000lbs load lifting capability and wide tracks for minimum ground disturbance. The auger and reach depths of 4’10”

  • $200/Day
  • $425/Weekend
  • $850/Week

Attachment pricing

  • $100/Day Stump Grinder
  • $30/Day Grapple rod bucket
  • $25/Day Pallet Forks
  • $80/Day Auger with Bit

Hydro seed application

Seed areas up to 4,000 sf in one batch. Price includes mulch, seed, Fertilizer.

1 Batch 4k sf$600
2 batch 8k sf$1000
3 batch 12k sf$1250
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